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Ultracompact and uncooled Thermal imaging core series

The Dione 640 is a long wave infrared (LWIR) core from Xenics. It is a size, weigth and low power (SWaP) optimized camera core based on the latest generation of 12 µm pitch microbolometer sensors. The first member of the Dione family is presented in a VGA format (640×480 pixels) and a sensitivity of 60 mK in a very small form factor of 25 x 25 x 10 mm3. It operates shutter-less, where a specific software is embedded which allows automatic calibration without any mechanical shutter. This functionality can be bypassed, and customers could add their own shutter mechanisms. Since no cooling of the core is required, the power is limited to a minimum. In addition, the sensor benefits from the embedded Xenics image enhancement (XIE) capabilities. The total power consumption is only 0.8 W. It offers 16 bit digital output (compatible with the Cameralink protocol), triggering capacity and power supply all on the same SAMTEC ST5 connector as well as being Genicam compliant.

According to the manufacturer, portable applications such as hand-held thermal imagers, high integration surveillance or industrial hand-held thermal analysis systems will benefit from the state-of-the-Art SWaP characteristics. In addition, observation and detection systems can be improved thanks to XIE embedded software.


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