Menlo Systems new office in California

Menlo Systems, a world leading manufacturer of optical frequency comb and laser stabilization technology, announced the opening of a new regional office located in Huntington Beach, California. The new location strengthens Menlo Systems´ presence in the North American market and will serve as a strategic hub for sales, service and technical support for its future and established customer base.

The company is dedicated to bring its core competencies and expertise in femtosecond fiber laser technology to North America to serve emerging markets and applications. While the foundation of Menlo Systems is based on its optical frequency combs, the company also provides solutions for time and frequency distribution, ultrastable lasers, terahertz systems, and femtosecond lasers.

For more information or to get in contact with a Menlo Systems representative in a particular region of the US:

The new office address is:

Menlo Systems Inc

7755 Center Ave, Suite 1134

Huntington Beach, CA 92647


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